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2017年04月27日 03:24:16 | 作者:排名共享 | 来源:新华社
END 3:34 P.M. (Local)You keep us safe, and you keep the United States of America a shining beacon(灯塔,浮标) of hope for the world. And for that, you and your families deserve not only the appreciation of a grateful nation, but our enduring commitment to serve you as well as you've served us.Thank you. (Applause.)On Friday, we learned that our businesses created another 176,000 jobs last month. That's 2.2 million new jobs over the past year, and 6.8 million new jobs over the past 38 months. But as I've said before, I won't be satisfied until everyone who wants a job can find one.

When the World Trade Center was attacked again, Judge Mukasey quickly reopened his court, even though it was just blocks from Ground Zero. He recognized the importance of maintaining a functioning justice system in the midst of a national emergency. He and other judges in his district worked day and night to ensure that applications for warrants were processed, investigations could proceed, and the rule of law was upheld.

THE PRESIDENT: Mario, thanks, great job on the anthem. I thank the Color Guard, as well, for being here. Today we're going to have an outstanding contest. Laura and I are proud to be able to watch. From Los Angeles, California, the Little League Dodgers. (Applause.) And from Brooklyn, New York, the Little League Highlanders. (Applause.) And we want to welcome the players. We particularly thank the coaches for working with the youngsters. Thanks for getting them interested in baseball, America's greatest sport. We want to thank the parents who have come. Thank you for supporting the kids. (Applause.) And we're looking forward to a good game.

In becoming officers of the United States Air Force, you have chosen a vocation that is both hazardous and rewarding. As a former F-102 pilot, I know the exhilaration of flight. As the son of an aviator who was shot down in combat, I know its perils. Whether you serve in the skies above or on the ground below, each of you has stepped forward to defend your country. You've chosen to face danger in foreign lands so your fellow citizens do not have to face danger in our own land. And I want to thank you for making this courageous choice. And all of America is grateful to the Class of 2008. (Applause.)

We are reminded that this creed, and America itself, was never an inevitability, but the result of ordinary people in every generation doing their part to uphold our founding ideals-by taking the blessings of freedom, and multiplying them for those who would follow.

The slaveholder with his hands dripping in blood--will I make a compact with him? The man who plunders cradles--will I say to him, ;Brother, let us walk together in unity?; The man who, to gratify his lust or his anger, scourges woman with the lash till the soil is red with her blood--will I say to him: ;Give me your hand; let us form a glorious Union?; No, never--never! There can be no union between us: ;What concord hath Christ with Belial?; What union has freedom with slavery? Let us tell the inexorable and remorseless tyrants of the South that their conditions hitherto imposed upon us, whereby we are morally responsible for the existence of slavery, are horribly inhuman and wicked, and we cannot carry them out for the sake of their evil company.

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