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1. Discrimination in an employment situation职场歧视 /201005/103380。

  • US youth have lots to catch up on the InternetFewer young Americans have Internet access than their peers in the Czech Republic, Canada, Macao and Britain, a survey of 13 countries and areas around the world showed.Among 12 to 14 year olds, 100 percent of British youth use the Internet, followed by Israel at 98 percent, the Czech Republic and Macao at 96 percent and Canada at 95 percent, according to the World Internet report by the Center for the Digital Future.By contrast, only 88 percent of Americans of the same age had access, trailed by Hungary and Singapore, where more than seven in 10 young people use the Internet.Separately, a bulletin by a software company showed mobile phone access to the Internet burgeoning outside the ed States, especially in Southeast Asia.For the report by the Center for the Digital Future, headed by Jeff Cole at the University of Southern California, researchers in 13 countries talked to more than 25,000 people in Asia, Australia, North and South America and Europe in late 2007 and early 2008.The Center report showed the ed States trails other countries in older groups, too. US Internet usage by those over 18 runs behind Sweden, New Zealand and Canada.Recently, US Federal Communications Commission Chairman Kevin Martin unsuccessfully proposed a universal service fund to promote high-speed Internet access, similar to the one for telephone service.The Center report, issued annually in the ed States and for the first time worldwide, said mobile phones are used for Internet access "by a very small percentage of users, with the exception of the ed Kingdom."As of June 30, 2008, 1.463 billion people use the Internet according to Internet World Stats. During the 1990s, it was estimated that the Internet users grew by 100 percent per year.The es States accounts 220.1 millions users of Internet, which take 15 percent of all users. The population of the es States is 305 million, which takes 3 percent of world. 一项针对全球13个国家和地区的网络使用率调查显示,与捷克、加拿大、和英国相比,美国年轻人的互联网使用率较低。该项由“数字化未来”中心发布的《世界互联网研究报告》称,12岁至14岁青少年的互联网使用率在英国是100%,其次是以色列,为98%,捷克和为96%,加拿大为95%。而美国的这一比例仅为88%,之后是匈牙利和新加坡,这两个国家有超过70%的年轻人使用互联网。另据一家软件公司发布的报告,手机上网在美国以外的一些国家和地区悄然兴起,尤其在东南亚地区。“数字化未来”中心为了编撰该报告,邀请了13个国家的研究人员从去年年底至今年年初对亚洲、澳大利亚、南北美洲和欧洲的25000多人进行了调查。“数字化未来”中心的负责人是美国南加州大学的杰夫#8226;科尔。调查报告显示,美国年龄较大人群的网络使用率也落后于其他国家。美国18岁以上人群的网络使用率落后于瑞典、新西兰和加拿大。美国联邦通信委员会主席凯文#8226;马丁近日提出设立一项“通用务基金”,以提高宽带普及率,但未获通过。此前电话业务领域曾有类似先例。研究报告称,目前“除英国外,只有少数用户使用手机上网”。该项由美国发布的年度报告今年首次在全球范围内公布。根据“互联网世界统计数据”,截至今年6月30日,全世界网民达14.63亿。据估计,在上世纪90年代,全世界的网民数量每年增长一倍。目前美国的网民数量为2.201亿,占全球网民总数的15%,而美国的人口总数为3.05亿,占全世界人口总数的3%。 /200811/57213。
  • Nonverbal Communication 美国人的肢体语言 The boy and girl glance around the crowded room. Their eyes meet. Embarrassed, they look away. Nervously, they steal glances at each other, averting their eyes when they see the other one looking back. The boy acts cool, crossing his legs and affecting a casual air-even though his heart is beating wildly. The girl, obviously smitten herself, is afraid the boy will see her looking at him. A few seconds pass. He looks at her again. She starts to blush. He nervously looks at the ceiling and whistles softly to himself. They continue their cat-and-mouse game for a seemingly inter-minable period of time. Will they ever talk to each other? 那个男孩和女孩瞥视那拥挤的屋内。他们的视线相遇了。不好意思,又把视线挪开。惴惴不安地,他们互相偷看着,当发现对方也在回望自己时,又转移视线。男孩表现得很酷,交叉着双腿,装着一副漫不经心的样子--虽然他的心正狂野地跳动着;女孩,显然地已坠入情网,很怕男孩看到自己在看他。几秒钟过去了,他再度看她;她的脸红了起来。他紧张地看着天花板,自己轻吹着口哨。他们似乎没完没了地玩着这个猫捉老鼠的游戏。他们到底会不会交谈呢? The fact is, they have aly communicated a lot, without ever saying anything. Nonverbal elements form a major part of any communication interchange. Some people would say it's the most important part. According to one study, words convey only 7 percent of a person's message. Intonation and voice quality communicate 38 percent, and nonverbal cues transmit a whopping 55 percent. That means people pick up more from nonverbal communication than from the words a person says. When studying about a foreign culture then, it just makes sense to pay attention to how people use nonverbal cues. 事实上,他们没说一句就已经沟通过了。非语言之要素在任何形式的双向沟通中占了很重要的一部份。有些人会认为那是最重要的一部份。根据一项研究,言语只传达了百分之七的讯息。语调及音色传达了百分之三十八,而非语言的暗示传递了极大的百分之五十五。这就表示了人们从非语言沟通中领悟到的比从说出来的话语中的还多。所以,在研习一个外国文化时,注意人们如何使用非语言暗示是很有道理的。 Gestures comprise a major form of nonverbal communication. In contrast to sign language, used by deaf people to communicate elaborate messages, gestures function as visual icons which represent a single idea. But often these gestures are embarrassingly culture-bound. For example, when the Maoris of New Zealand stick out their tongue at someone, it is a sign of respect. When American schoolchildren make the same gesture, it means just the opposite. Also, Americans often indicate "OK" with their thumb and forefinger touching to form a circle. The same gesture means "money" to the Japanese, "zero" to the French and a vulgarity to Brazilians. For that reason, people in a foreign culture must use gestures with caution. 手势是非语言传达中很重要的一环。与聋人用来沟通复杂讯息所使用的手语不同的是,手势的功能就像是视觉上的图像,它代表的是单一的意念。而往往这些手势极受文化限制,甚至造成尴尬的误解。例如,当纽西兰的毛利人对某人伸舌头,这是尊敬的表象。当美国学童作同样的动作时,它表达的意思正好相反。还有,美国人通常用大拇指及食指环绕起一个圆圈表示「没问题」。同样的手势对日本人是「钱」的意思,对法国人是「零」的意思,对巴西人是极低俗的手势。因此,处在外国文化中的人必须小心地使用手势。 /200803/32557。
  • Iran has warned suntanned women and girls who looked like "walking mannequins" will be arrested as part of a new drive to enforce the Islamic dress code。  伊朗警方一名高官近日警告说,晒黑脸的妇女和女孩看上去就像“会走路的假人”,招摇过市有损社会风气,一旦发现将对其实施逮捕以维护伊斯兰教义。  "The public expects us to act firmly and swiftly if we see any social misbehaviour by women, and men, who defy our Islamic values. In some areas of north Tehran we can see many suntanned women and young girls who look like walking mannequins. We are not going to tolerate this situation and will first warn those found in this manner and then arrest and imprison them," said Brig Hossien Sajedinia, Tehran's police chief。  德黑兰警察局局长侯赛因-萨杰迪表示:“一旦发现任何人公然实施藐视伊斯兰教义、违反社会秩序的不正当行为,公众希望警方快速行动予以坚决打击。在德黑兰北部,我们已经发现很多被太阳晒得黝黑的妇女和女孩,活像会走路的假人。今后,我们决不容忍这种现象出现。警方将先对这些妇女和女孩提出警告,如果再犯则毫不含糊对其实施拘役或监禁。”  Iran's Islamic leadership has in recent weeks launched a campaign to persuade the population that vice is sweeping the streets of the capital. National law stipulates that women wear headscarves and shape shrouding cloaks but many women, particularly in the capital, spend heavily on fashions that barely adhere to the regulations。  伊朗伊斯兰教领导人最近几周持续举行布道活动,大讲堕落如何布满了整个德黑兰。据悉,伊朗国家法律明确规定妇女必须带头巾、穿宽松的长袍,但是很多女性,尤其是德黑兰的女子穿着越来越时尚,和法律教义背道而驰。  The announcement came shortly after a leading cleric warned that women who dressed immodestly disturbed young men and the consequent agitation caused earthquakes。  而此前伊朗神职人员认为,衣着不端庄的女人引诱了年轻男子,从而导致地震频发。 /201005/104193。
  • 男性虽然不像女性那么容易活到90岁,但那些步入90岁高龄的男性却比女性患阿尔茨海默氏症等老年痴呆症的几率要低很多。Men are much less likely than women to live into their 90s, but those who do have a much lower chance of having Alzheimer's disease (阿尔茨海默氏症)or another form of dementia, U.S. researchers said on Wednesday.In a study involving 911 people age 90 and older, 28 percent of the men and 45 percent of the women had some type of dementia. Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia in the elderly, and vascular dementia(痴呆) -- loss of brain function thanks to a series of small strokes -- is second.While dementia rates remained stable for men through their 90s, they climbed in women, to 27 percent of the women aged 90 to 91 and 71 percent of women aged 98 to 99."This difference in prevalence -- basically how many people have the disease at any given time -- may be because women may live longer once they get diagnosed with dementia than men," said Maria Corrada of the University of California at Irvine, who led the study, said in a telephone interview.Another possibility noted by the researchers was that relatively few men live to age 90 and beyond, and those who do may be hardy "survivors" with fewer risk factors for dementia.Experts predict a worldwide surge in dementia cases in the coming decades as populations in many countries age."With this (age 90 and beyond) being the fastest-growing segment of the population in the ed States and in many other countries too, we have to be prepared for the increasing number of people with this disorder that is very expensive to care for," Corrada said.But much of the research on old-age dementia has not focused on nonagenarians (九十多岁的)and older. About three-quarters of people age 90 and up are women."Until this study, and a few others, there was very little data on what happens with rates of dementia in extreme old age, once you get beyond 85, up into the 90s and even higher," added Dr. David Hogan of the University of Calgary, who wrote an editorial in the journal Neurology accompanying the study.Corrada's team studied a population of people 90 and above, most living in southern California. About 10 percent were at least 100.The chances of having dementia doubled every five years in the 700 women after reaching age 90, but remained largely consistent in the 200 men.As has been shown in other ages, women with more education were less likely to have dementia than less-educated women.Previous studies had shown that dementia becomes more and more common starting when people are in their mid-60s through their 80s. For example, fewer than 2 percent of people ages 65 through 69 are estimated to have dementia, compared to 5 percent of those aged 75 to 79 and more than 20 percent of those 85 to 89.In the new study, 41 percent of both the men and women age 90 and older were found to have dementia.Dementia involves a loss of brain function, and symptoms of dementia include memory loss, mental disorientation and behavioral changes. It gets worse over time /200807/43693。
  • In a perfect world, the only thing that you would need to do to reach your fitness goals would be work out occasionally. Unfortunately, the only way to truly get the body and level of health that you want is through the combination of diet and exercise.If there is anything I have learned through my years as a personal trainer is that dieting right is the number one obstacle people face while trying to get fit. But filling your plate with healthy food doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.Here are the best strategies I have found to keep people in shape.Give Yourself Some Flexibility - If you box yourself into too strict of a diet, you are setting yourself up for failure. It’s true that that for most people if you want to lose weight, it is going to have to involve cutting back a bit on how much you eat, but if you allow yourself nothing but rice cakes and unbuttered wheat toast, you turn yourself into a ticking time bomb that will go off onto the nearest piece of cheesecake. Expect that you are going to indulge a little every now and then, and accept it.Make Your Foods Easy to Make- I’ve discovered that most people eat junk food because it’s just so darn convenient. Microwaveable pizzas take three minutes to make, and there is a fast food joint on every corner who can give you a greasy pre heated burger in a matter of seconds. The only real way to counteract this is by making your healthy food just as convenient as unhealthy food.For example, you might keep some whole grain tortillas in your cupboard so that you can make a quick and easy burrito with lean chicken or beans. You might also keep some frozen vegetables in your freezer, because they can be heated fairly quickly and be y to eat. You may also consider buying lots of canned soups, because they take little time to prepare and are often very low in calories.Find Ways to Combat Stress - Whenever someone has a relapse in their diet, it is usually during a particularly stressful time in their life. Maybe dealing with a toddler has kept them awake for much of a few nights or their new job is giving them a lot to worry about. This is when people start binging on French fries and ice cream. But if you want to conserve your waistline, you need to find other ways to combat stress.To best way to deal with this by recognizing times when you might be getting stressed and react too it. If you find the pressure building up, find some time for yourself to do something that you really enjoy. Just half an hour of “me time” can make your diet go along a lot more smoothly.Cut Out the Liquid Calories - If has calories and comes in a liquid form, try to limit your intake of it. The reason is that stuff like soda, alcohol, and milk can add a bunch of calories to you daily diet, but they never make you feel full. So you feel hungry even as you consume far more calories than you need. Focus mostly on whole foods and use tea or water to satisfy your thirst.Fitness Expert Chris McCombs is a Personal Trainer in Hollywood California. While walking out of a burrito joint Chris discovered a radical approach to burning fat at a rapid rate which he helps people all over do today. Chris is also a personal training marketing expert and helps personal trainers and other people in the fitness industry to triple their income and cut their work hours by more than half. 在这样的一个美好的世界里,你所需要做的一件事情就是怎样有条理的达到你的塑身目标。然而,不幸的是,为了能够真正的达到你所想要的体魄和健康的标准,唯一的办法就是通过节食和锻炼。如果说我作为一个私人教练这么多年学到了什么的话,那就是我发现,正确的节食是每个希望得到好身材的人所面临的最大问题。实际上,让你的盘子里装满健康的食品并不是什么痛苦的经历。以下就是我发现的适合人们保持好身材的最佳策略。给自己一个适应的时间。--如果你太强制性的让自己节食的话,那你简直就是在为失败而做准备。的确,对大多数人来讲,为了减少体重,他们就必须在原先的饮食上削减一些。但如果除了米饭,蛋糕及没有奶油的烤面包你什么都不吃的话,你就会让自己成为一颗定时炸弹一样,在不经意的一块酪饼后,而体重突然暴增,所有的计划都付诸东流。除非你能有限制地在你所能接受的范围内让自己不时的享受一点。学会制作简单的食品—我发现许多人喜欢吃剩菜剩饭,因为吃起来很方便。把匹萨放进微波炉里,三分钟就可以吃了。而且,在我们周围的每个角落都会有快餐店为你务—提供一个有油脂有热气腾腾的汉堡牛肉饼只是几秒钟的事情.那与之抗衡的唯一方法便是,让自己制作的食品就像快餐食品那样方便。比如说,在你的橱柜里可能回存有谷粒的玉米粉薄烙饼,你就可以用这些材料作成一个由纯鸡肉或土豆泥做馅的面饼卷。你也可以在你的冰箱里储存一些冷冻的蔬菜,因为它们很容易解冻然后就可以吃了。你也可以考虑买一些罐装的汤,因为这些它们不用花太多的时间准备,并且所含的卡路里也不大。找到抗压力的方法—一旦一个人在他的节食计划中出现了旧病复发状态,那么这个阶段一般是他生活中压力最大的时段。可能为了照顾小孩,他们很多个夜晚不能好好的入睡,也有可能是他们的新工作并不能让他们安心。于是他们便开始钟情于法国炸薯条和冰淇淋。然而,如果你想保持你的腰围尺寸的话,你必须找到方法来抗压力。最好的办法就是,你首先要清楚自己什么时候最容易受到压力的影响。一旦你感受到了压力,你应该给自己一点时间做自己真正喜欢的事情。即使只是短短的“自我半小时时间”,都会让的节食计划更顺利地进行。减掉液体卡路里—尽量限制以液体的形式吸收卡路里。因为,像汽水,酒精及牛奶这样的的饮品就会在你的日常饮食中增加热量,但你永远都不会有饱的感觉。因此,你总会感到饥饿,即使你吸收的热量已经超过了你的所需。所以,当你渴的时候,应该首要想到茶或水来解渴。瘦身专家克里斯.麦克白是美国加州好莱坞的一个私人教练。他发现了一个燃烧脂肪的基本快速方法,这个方法也是他现在帮助人们减脂肪的方法。克里斯在私人训练市场方面也是个专家,他不仅帮助私人教练,也为其他做健身锻炼行业的人提供帮助,在让他们减少一半的工作时间的同时却让他们的收入增加了三倍。 /200806/41291。
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